Punta Cana Packages / Punta Cana Vacation Packages

A package tour or package holiday consists of transport and accommodation and is sold by a company known as a tour operator. Other services like a rental car, activities or outings might also be included in the price. Transport is often via a charter airline.
The first packaged holiday was sold in the United Kingdom in 1841 by Thomas Cook. Even today Thomas Cook company is important player in the market of packaged holidays. There are however thousands more options where to buy Punta Cana Packages.

One of the biggest package operators is German TUI AG with brands like Thomson Holidays,

First Choice, L’TUR they have over 30 million customers and almost 200 destinations (Punta Cana being one of them of course).

Punta Cana Deals

To find the best deal it is worth checking what package tour operators or websites has on offer. With a bit of luck you can find some awesome deals for going to Punta Cana.

USA and Canada Europe
Expedia USA
Signature Reservations
Thomson Holidays
First Choice
Thomas Cook
Expedia UK
Virgin Holidays
L’TUR (German)
Neckerman (German, part of Thomas Cook)

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