Punta Cana Facts

  • Official Name the Country: Dominican Republic / República Dominicana
  • Capital and largest city: Santo Domingo (population close to 4 million)
  • Population: about 10 million
  • Official Language: Spanish
  • Offical Tourism website: http://www.godominicanrepublic.com
  • Official Currency: The Dominican peso (signed as RD$ or DOP).
  • Time zone: Atlantic (UTC-4) – during the summer same as New York or Toronto
  • Independent: since 1865
  • GDP per capita: $9,286 (average for Latin America)
  • People living on less than $2/day: 15,1%
  • Head of State: President Danilo Medina since 2012
  • Drinking age: 18
  • Emergency phone number: 911

Punta Cana Map

Practical information about Punta Cana

  • Power supply: 110V, with 3-pin flat blade plugs as standard.
  • Tap water:  not potable
  • Health Risks: Dengue fever and malaria are somewhat of a risk (so bring strong bug spray and antimalarial drugs)
  • Crime: Petty crime is common but with proper preparation can be prevented
  • Prostitution: legal and very visible

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