Punta Cana Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding is very popular sport in Punta Cana but not as popular as in Cabarete – the place to go kitesurfing in the Dominican Republic. On many days you will see dozens kiteboards going up and down the beach but there is a lot of place for everyone and there are no jet skis or too many motorboats that  would get in the way.

Punta Cana Kiteboarding | © Ingrid Taylar

Kiteboarding in Punta Cana

During the winter months the winds are quite consistent in Punta Cana. The wind usually blows day and night, starting in mid-November through February. For most of they year the place sees the afternoon winds mostly between 13 to 18 knots (not often over 22 knots) for about 4 hours. Typically you can you can rig up right in front of your hotel. There is quite a bit of coral in the water which makes it a bit challenging for beginners. The corral ends after about  two thirds of a mile out.

Punta Cana Kiteboarding Lessons

Punta Cana is not a bad place to learn kiteboarding. Until recently you had to look for a private teacher but now there are at least two schools that teach kite surfing. These schools do group classes or private classes. However you can still get a good deal if you go and ask kitesurfers on the beach to teach you.

To become an independent kite boarder you will need a minimum of 3 days and 9 to 12 hours of lessons. This will set you back at US$350 to US$799.

These are the companies that can teach or possibly rent equipment:

Serious Kite Surfers might wanna check this video from Punta Cana Kite Fest 2012

Punta Cana Kite Fest

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